Go ahead, dance that happy dance of freedom from your day job and take the leap to


Imagine waking up every day as your own boss. Creating art for clients you love and capturing memories that will be cherished for generations. It may not be an easy road, but I'll be damned if it isn't the best job out there.


I see you. I WAS you

wanting to transition from part time to full time

You have done the work. You have honed your craft, built a small client base, and tasted what it is like to run your own business, but you want more. You want your business to be your LIFE. You want to wake up and be your own boss every day. You want to shoot the weddings you crave with clients you adore - creating art and building your dream business. You want to take the leap from part time to full time.

feeling too scared, unsure, or alone

You know that leaving your full time job isn't easy- that steady paycheck, health benefits, PTO, and other aspects of being employed have you afraid to leave. There are very little resources out there for photographers transitioning to being fully self employed, and entering the unknown into uncharted territory by yourself can feel completely overwhelming

wishing there was an easier way to dive in

You want to take the plunge but wish that there was a user manual, community, support system, or someone to walk you through the transition from part time to full time. It's a huge change and it would be so much easier if there was an easier way to take the leap - with support, guidance, and community of like minded individuals who get what its like to take the leap to full time entrepreneur

Hi, I'm Ginny!

I'm an award winning and internationally published wedding photographer. The difference between me and a lot of other photographers? I have had zero training or education in photography - in fact, I never even held a 'real' camera until one year before I started my business.

Yet somehow, in my second year in business I went from taking in $20,000 in income to making $120,000 (and it kept growing each year after- I'm now in my 8th year).

The transition from my full time job as a teacher with benefits, a 401k, and a steady paycheck was scary, uncertain, and most people told me not to do it. (But I mean...Can you blame them? I was self taught, new to the photography world, and had zero budget for advertising.)

While I am so glad I pushed through all of the trial and error, difficulties, and uncertainty I know how much easier the journey could be made for other photographers with the right support and guidance.

Let me help you build your dream business and transition into a life you LOVE where you wake up to working your dream job every day.

Say YES to being equipped with a tool kit for success - from courses to editing presets to client resources- and say YES to being paired with regular support from someone who has done it before- and say YES to a community of photographers in the same boat to help one another through the transition.

Take the leap.



You'll get access to TWO courses

Zero to Six Figures E Course

My signature course which goes through each step I did to build my photography business to a six figure business in just two years. Everything from business startup to free and low cost marketing to pricing yourself to how to create content which brings in your target client

Blog Boost E Course

My step by step course to train you exactly how I blog and pin my weddings to get the most efficient and low cost marketing mileage out of work you have already created. Easy no fluff training on how to use the software I use, how to tag properly to drive in real target clients, and much more.

You'll receive COACHING for 3 months

Receive coaching from Ginny Silver in two ways to help you take the leap from part time to full time


Weekly check-ins through a small group private forum to help navigate the course content, answer questions, and help you achieve your goals.


Once a month individual chat to help you with your more personal questions, goals, and plan.


You're not alone

Because self employment can be lonely, you will be given access to an online community of part time to full time photographers in your enrollment group. You will be completing the courses together, undergoing the journey of part time to full time together, and will be another amazing resource for one another. Enrollment in this program is done in small groups for this specific purpose- to foster a community of judgement free like minded individuals who are all in the same boat.

And you'll have access to THREE BONUSES

You caught this program at JUST the right time. For a limited time I am including three MAJOR bonuses to my members.

Luminous Lightroom Preset Collection

My golden hour editing secret weapon! Just a few simple clicks to polishing those golden hour photos in my signature bright and airy while still retaining detail look.

Email Templates

Simple, to the point, professional yet firm and informative responses to all those tricky questions which always seem to land in your inbox but you never knew how to answer

Fine Art Lightroom Preset Collection

My most used editing presets designed to create a looks like film feel to your images. No crazy colors or filters- just select the lighting condition and subject type to get a consistent look in your editing


You have the talent, the dedication, and the heart. You just need to drop the day job, take the plunge, and go for it.

Take the leap from part time photographer to full time wedding photographer and build your dream business NOW. We are in this together.


COURSE CONTENTS: Zero to Six Figures

Module 1: Equipment + Business Startup

What you need before taking on clients

How to gain experience

Legal business setup

Whats in my camera bag

Sample photos with favorite lenses

Renting gear

Insurance + maintenance


Module 2: Attracting Your Target Client

What is a target client

Why do you need to define a target client

How to reach your target client

Attract + repel

Curating what you show

Using styled shoots to draw in your target client

How pricing effects your target client

How your website effects your target client

Using Social media to reach your target client

Using blogging to reach your target client

Using publications to reach your target client

Creating the content target clients want to see

How to plan a styled shoot


Module 3: Inquiry, Consultation, and Booking

Receiving and inquiry

Streamlining the process

When to say no

Dealing with difficult questions

Steps to holding a consultation

Content of a consultation

Conveying your brand through the consultation

Self doubt

Why you need a contract,where to get one, how to get it signed, what to do after booking


Module 4: Wedding Day Preparation

Keeping in contact with clients

Timeline planning

Advocating for what you need to deliver successful results

How timeline and lighting effects results

Reaching out to other vendors

Wedding day reminders for the couple

Non-camera related items I bring to a wedding

Preparing your second shooter

Scouting the location


Module 5: Post Production

Post production workflow without a staff

My current post production workflow with a staff

Data backup

What to do when a memory card fails


Important things to keep in mind with editing

Time savers with editing

Keeping your clients informed

Delivery of images

How to get free marketing mileage out of a completed wedding

Post-delivery workflow


Module 6: Marketing

Free marketing though social media

Free marketing through your clients

Free marketing through wedding vendors

Styled Shoots as marketing

Free marketing through publications

Facebook/Instagram Ads

Creating and operating a referral circle


Module 7: Business Tools

My favorite free business tools

My favorite paid business tools that are worth the investment


Module 8: The Hard Stuff No One Talks About


Tax forms for your second shooters

Making a Living

Expenses involved in shooting a wedding

A REAL peek into my profit/loss reports

Standing up for yourself

What to do if someone steals your work

What I wish I had known sooner


This E-Course also includes client-ready PDF's, business checklists, resources, and other documents to help make your life easier:


Client-Ready PDF's:

'Wedding Day Timeline Planning' Client Guide

'Where to Print Your Photos' Client Guide

'How to Care for Your USB' Client Guide

'Final Wedding Day Reminders' Client Guide

'Second Shooter Handbook' Second Shooter Guide


Business checklists, resources, and other documents:

Business Start-Up Checklist

Business Start-Up Links + Resources

What's in My Wedding Day Gear Bag

Pricing Yourself Worksheet

Wedding Client Questionnaire

Final Wedding Day Questionnaire

Post Production Checklist

Getting Published Checklist

Where to Submit Work for Publication

Favorite Business Resources Links


A comprehensive guide to blog and manage pinterest efficiently

Software used, settings, and basic setup for Blogging and Pinterest

Write keyword rich content

Create blog layout

Optimize your blog layouts to be pinnable and higher performing in pinterest

Optimize your pinterest account

Convert to pinterest for business

Claim your website on pinterest

Get more exposure and monthly viewers on pinterest

Automate your pinterest content

How/where to find group boards for increased exposure

and  much more!


The doors to enrollment will be open soon - don't miss the enrollment window for the next group!

Are you ready

to take the leap?

Take the overwhelm out of the part time to full time leap - if you want to get to full timer within the next year or are amidst the transition now, do yourself a favor and enroll now to receive coaching, coursework, and community.


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