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Step up your Lightroom editing game by test driving a free preset - designed to look like film with a timeless, natural, luminous look

Hey, there! I see you...scrolling on your computer after midnight when you should be editing wedding photos, refreshing your email 5 times every hour to see if any new inquiries have come in, and scouring pinterest for some kind of clue at what the heck you should be charging.

As a wedding photographer, whether you are a seasoned professional or someone who is just starting out, we all need a little help from time to time. Self employment can be lonely, starting and running a business is incredibly confusing, and keeping the forward momentum going to take your business into the next level of growth can sometimes seem next to impossible.

When I first picked up a camera, I was a full time elementary school teacher and I had no clue that it would very quickly result in a life changing series of decisions. I taught my self everything from how to use my camera, to how to start a business, to how to market myself with next to no budget and I went from no experience to a six figure business in just two years. In fact, I went from a 20k hobby to a 120k career alone in the span of just a year! Now I am a multiple six figure entrepreneur and coach for creative professionals and I'd love to share what I have learned with you so you can feel a little less in the dark around every twist and turn.

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The Wedding Photographer Survival Kit

This is the ESSENTIAL kit of resources for every wedding photographer.  Jam packed with a variety of tools including video lessons, tutorials, workflows, done for you PDFs, client-ready guides, editing presets, and templates.



Lightroom Preset Collections

The Fine Art + Luminous Preset Collections are designed to give a film-like quality to images while keeping details crisp, colors natural, and enhancing just the right amount of luminous light filled goodness. Take hours off of your editing workflow and get the look you have been trying to achieve consistently, every time.


Blog Boost E Course

Calling all wedding vendors! Are you using your images from weddings to get every ounce of marketing mileage you can from that work you have already done? I'll walk you through every step to efficiently and effectively blog, pin, and automate these systems for your weddings! Better yet- use this course to train your assistant so you can get back to being creative and growing your business!


Wedding Day Posing Guide for the Fine Art Photographer

From wedding party portraits to shooting the couple, the posing guide will equip you with an arsenal of posing knowledge. Flow posing, verbal prompts, ways to get genuine connection and laughter, and much more all packed into this guide which can be saved to your phone for quick and easy wedding day access. Take the awkwardness out of your posing and create a better client experience.

The best part? Its only 15 BUCKS!


Personalized Business Coaching

Serious about moving to the next level fast with personalized, custom-tailored one on one or small group business coaching from Ginny? Get access to a full review of your brand, work, and goals and get help creating a custom business and marketing plan to build the business of your dreams and can help you get moving towards your goals fast.


Earn 20% Commission as an Affiliate

Want to start earning passive income by simply sharing our links? Anyone can get instant access to be an affiliate - blog, share on social media, or embed our product links for your friends and followers and start earning 20% commission on all sales from your followers!


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